99.6-M Mondphase

99.6-M Mondphase 99.6-M Mondphase 99.6-M Mondphase 99.6-M Mondphase 99.6-M Mondphase

The moon goes through twelve phases every year. After a new moon, the moon waxes for 14 days, slowly the earth‘s companion comes out of the shadow, a delicate crescent becomes a half moon. The half-moon gradually turns into a perfectly round disc, then the full moon bathes the earth in its pale light at night. Without delay, the moon then wanes, only to hide in its shadow again after about 29 ½ days. This regular cycle has accompanied us since humans existed, who have always looked up to the sky with wonder and awe, thus dividing the year into twelve months. We celebrate Easter every spring, and in doing so we also orient ourselves to the moon, since it always takes place after the first full moon after the equinox. This is also the case in this year, in which many things are different than before. The Moon, however, will always accompany us through our lives as a reliable resting place, reminding us with its unshakable cycle that hard times on earth will be followed by good times again. With this thought in mind, we are pleased to present our new model to you this spring: With the new complication of the 99.6-Medium we pay tribute to our beloved Earth satellite in our own way, and hopefully give you back some joy in this difficult time.