Man's world Zürich 2019

Man's world Zürich 2019

Auf der Man's World werden ausgewählte Marken und Erlebnisse präsentiert. Dabei geht es um das Entdecken, Inspiration, Ausprobieren und Erleben.

Da auch Uhren auf dieser Messe nicht fehlen dürfen, haben wir uns für eine Teilnahme an der Man´s World 2019 in Zürich entsch...

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AuroChronos festival

AUROCHRONOS festival 2018

The AUROCHRONOS Festival 2018 - a festival of independent horlogers - will take place 29. - 30. September 2018 on the ground of Expo Lódź, 4 Politechniki Street in Lódź.
For further informations please go to

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Caliber 99.10 WELTZEIT AUF & AB

Caliber 99.10 WELTZEIT

Just in time for the peak travel season there are 3 new Dornie´s of the 99 series:


All 3 new models have a decentralized 24-hour display (display of the home time) at "6 o'cl...

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Quintus-2010 Regulator


In order to expand the Quintus-2010 family with our own manufacture movement and thus respond to our customers' wishes, we created our new models “Quintus-2010.Zentrumsekunde” and “Quintus-2010.REGULATOR”. We are particularly proud of the fact that it has been possible to integrate the ce...

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99.9 with newly developed dial material

newly developed dial material

In the calibers shown here, we proudly present our newly developed dial made of a special ceramic composite material, which undergoes a complex hardening process. This creates a high-strength dial surface that is still more elastic and break-resistant than enamel. By combining the classic eleganc...

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Kalbe 1959

On the 50th anniversary

The key for the future in-house developed movement lies again in the past: Fascinated by the Maltese cross mechanisms in the old precision pocket watches and by a drawing in an old manual for watchmakers by Hermann Sievert (1914), Dirk was favouring this position of the springs also for the new m...

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Ladies watch caliber 2016

New Ladies watch caliber 2016

Since the interest in a small ladies' watch has grown, we have developed a new model: Cal. 2016.1 some details: Case diameter 31 mm, height 8,6 mm, In-House-Movement with golden chatons, movement diameter 26 mm, power reserve 38 hours, screw-balance with ...

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